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Top 5 Reasons to Pick a Freestanding ER

Everyone loves a choice. If you ask a roomful of people what their favorite fast food restaurants are, you will likely get many different answers. Having a choice in health care providers is equally appealing as consumers look for a specific set of services to meet their needs. The choices in health care just became more expansive with the addition of the newest concept—a freestanding ER such as Advance ER serving North Dallas, TX.

A freestanding ER offers a host of advantages over urgent care clinics and traditional hospital emergency departments. Here are the top five reasons why you should pick a freestanding ER for your family’s emergency health care needs.

5. Wide Range of On-Site Services

At Advance ER, our board-certified physicians diagnose and treat a variety of conditions using a complement of in-house services such as: labs, CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, and pharmacy. Our enhanced range of services makes sure we are equipped to handle your major and minor emergency concerns, delivering the quality health care services you need, right when you need them.

Questions about billing? Our friendly office team can help you cut through the red tape. For your convenience, we accept both in-network and out-of-network benefits.

4. Consult with a Specialist

If your medical concerns require specialized consultation, you can be connected within minutes to a specialist through our unique SPECIALIST NOW℠ service. “Patients have the option of talking directly to a pediatrician, cardiologist, and other specialists using SPECIALIST NOW,” said Advance ER Emergency Physician Dr. Ronnie P. Shalev. “This is a revolutionary concept in health care and gives patients an unheard of amount of access to healthcare, right when they need them the most.”

3. One-Stop Health Care

In the past, patients might visit their doctor’s office or an urgent care clinic and wait several hours to be seen, only to be referred eventually to the ER.  Long wait times at doctors’ offices and urgent care clinics coupled with long driving times and traffic, would often make for a very long day.

With the dawning of the new era of freestanding ER facilities, health care just became easier. “The founders of Advance ER really put a lot of thought into our patients,” said Dr. Shalev. “We wanted an ER that was an honest-to-goodness time saver for today’s busy families. We get you right in to see a qualified physician and we have the services readily available to make sure you get what you need right away with no wait time.”

2. Concierge Service

Visiting an ER can sometimes be a traumatic time. At Advance ER, we want to help you relax and to treat you with care during your visit. Our beautiful, new facility features a luxurious waiting room stocked with a snack bar, gorgeous bathrooms, a patient snack bar, and elegant private exam rooms. These fine features and the added attention to detail have been crafted with you in mind. “Because you trust us with your major and minor emergency health care, we want you to feel exceptionally cared for and relaxed during your visit,” said Dr. Shalev.

1. Easy Access-No wait times

The unique approach of putting patients’ needs first is also evident in Advance ER’s two convenient locations, situated in a neighborhood close to you. Featuring easy parking, 24 hour convenience, and fast access to a Board-Certified physician, Advance ER is committed to making quality emergency medicine easily accessible to everyone. “We wanted to augment the North Dallas neighborhoods by offering this amazing emergency care where you can come right in and are given a bed and fast access to a physician,” said Dr. Shalev.

With these top five reasons, it is easy to see why you would pick a freestanding ER the next time you, your child or your aging parent have a major or minor health care concern. You know you’re in good hands at Advance ER with our wide range of on-site services, SPECIALIST NOW specialist consults, one-stop convenience, easy access and concierge services to make sure you get quality emergency health care, right when you need it the most.

Advance ER is available in two locations for your convenience:
Advance ER – Galleria Area

12338 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75244

Advance ER – Park Cities

5201 W Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209

Meet Dr. Shalev:

Dr. Ronnie P. Shalev is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and sees patients of all ages. Dr. Shalev received her medical degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Lubbock, TX. Dr. Shalev completed her Emergency Medicine residency at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. After living several years in New York City, she returned to Texas to work as an attending physician in Emergency Medicine. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and 2 dogs.