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Specialists Now™ Best 24-Hour Emergency Room With No Wait

Specialists Now™ in Dallas

Specialists Care at No Additional Cost to You

Virtually unheard of in emergency rooms, Advance ER offers direct access to adult and pediatric emergency specialists through our state-of-the-art service. Specialists Now™

Our Specialist Now Partners to provide us with their expertise ‘at the bedside.’
Imagine a place where you could get a specialist’s expertise in an emergency at no extra cost to you. At any other urgent care or hospital emergency room in Dallas, you would be dreaming. At Advance ER, that dream is now a reality. Through our TELEmedicine platform, our on-call specialists diagnose the condition, give our doctor guidance on recommended treatment and schedule follow-up care if needed. Curious about our TELEmedicine platform?

Our Advance ER Network of Specialists

  • Ophthalmology
    Dallas Eye: Linda Burk M.D.
  • Oral-Facial Surgeon/Emergency Dentistry
    Amazing Faces: Dr. Randy Sanovich DDS
  • Internal Medicine
    Dr. Jamal Lone, Dr. Frater, Dr. Ampil, and Dr. Cyrus Peikari
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialists
    Children’s Medical Center: Dallas and Plano
  • Pain Management
    Dallas Pain Consultants: Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, Dr. Trevor Kraus M.D.
  • OB/Gyn
    Walnut Hill OB/GYN: Dr. John Bertrand M.D.
  • Neurology
    Texas Neurology Group: Chaouki Khoury M.D. M.S.
  • Neurosurgery
    Dr. William Banister M.D.
  • Cardiologists
    Advanced Heart Care: Brian Schwartz M.D, F.A.C.C, Jai Varma M.D.
  • Dermatologists
    Dermatology Treatment & Research Center: Stephanie Saxon-Daniels M.D.
  • Gastroenterologists
    Digestive Health Associates: Dr. John Lee, Dr. Sami Arslanlar, Dr. Lisa Alvarez, Dr Viralkumar Patel
  • Hand Surgery And Plastic Surgery
    Onmi Hand Surgery: Lan Hua M.D.
  • Hand Surgery And Wound Care
    Dallas Medical Center: Dr. Robert Ippolito M.D.
  • Plastics And Reconstructive Surgery
    Dr. Mathew Trovato M.D., Dr. Lan Hua, and Dr. Ippolito
  • Mental Health
    EnterHealth Ranch
    Addiction Treatment
  • *When specialist are available.

We partner with the following facilities

  • Children’s Health Care Network
  • Sports injuries collaboration with Children’s Health Andrews Institute – because Advance ER treat these injuries better than the rest!
  • Headaches – we partner with Texas Neurology – we do this better than any other ER in town
  • Abdominal Pain Center – working with DHAT and LapAppyMD/gen surgeons as the ER with Full concierge service for abdominal pain
  • Concussion – with Texas Neurology and Children’s Health – the first ER with Neurology onsite assessment
  • Detox EnterHealth

At no additional charge.

Texas Neurology collaborates with Advance ER

Texas Neurology LogoAdvance ER is the proud to be the first emergency room of its kind by collaborating with The Headache Institute at Texas Neurology to offer state-of-the-art treatments for migraine sufferers by our Specialist Now ™ program. We partnered with one of the best headache experts in the county, Dr. Khoury, at Texas Neurology who could assess your condition and initiate effective migraine treatments at Advance ER. This unique service puts Advance ER as the best ER for pain relief for headache sufferers in North Texas. No other ERs in Texas offers this kind of sophistication in headache management.

Children's Health Andrews Institute collaborates with Advance ERAndrews Institute Logo

Advance ER is the best ER to be treated for any sports injuries in Dallas because Andrews Institute’s specialists are on ‘standby’ to assist with medical and follow-up care. Children’s Health Andrews Institute specialists can offer their expertise at Advance ER and schedule next day follow up or surgery when indicated. Not all clinics and ERs treat sports injuries the same. Many non-specialized providers may not offer the optimal care for sports injuries and this may lead to long term sometimes permanent injuries for athletes. With Advance ER working closely with Children’s Health Andrews Institute, the best optimal care can be found at our facilities.

Our Medical Facilities

Advance ER is dedicated to optimizing the quality of healthcare through an integrative approach to health and wellness. We include both conventional and complementary treatments for general health, healing and well being.

Our goal is to model and advance a standard of integrative health care. We achieve this goal through our four core values: integration, compassion, expertise and time. Each and every professional that provides services at our clinic - from nurses and doctors to technicians and administrative staff, are dedicated to your good health and wellness. We do our best at the clinic so you live a full and healthy life, and spend as little time as possible at the clinic.

Here for You

We are here at Advance ER to give you the best possible services, so you leave healthier than you arrived, and with more options for good health. We work collaboratively and cooperatively to ensure you get the very best services, whatever your needs.

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  • Best In Dallas

    We offer the best and prompt 24 hour medical care at both of our Dallas locations.

  • Board-Certified Physicians

    Every patient at Advance ER is seen by a board-certified emergency room physician.

  • Major or Minor Emergency Care

    We treat the most common to the most critical medical conditions. No matter your needs, we are prepared.

  • Superior Care

    At Advance ER we offer a level of care that far surpasses anywhere else, with private rooms and concierge-level care from your doctors.