We honor all in-network benefits for emergency services according to the Federal No Surprise Act.

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  • Comforting, informative and the best of the best
    My son was seen by these wonderful people, after a continuous run around with many different doctors and ER's.  They made sure we knew everything we needed to know about the procedure. They - Dr. King, Hector, and Carlos- were comforting, informative and the best of the best- at their jobs. Everyone in the building was extremely polite and sensitive to our needs. We are truly grateful to these individuals and their services!

    - Laura J.

  • Professional, courteous, but most importantly, extremely knowledgeable

    Loved this facility. We were in need of care in the middle of the night and they were absolutely amazing. Professional, courteous, but most importantly, extremely knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend it.

    - C.B.

  • Best ER Experience

    "This was, hands down, the best ER experience that I have ever had or could ever imagine. This may be better than any doctor's office visit too. The facility was gorgeous, everyone was extremely nice (from the gals who worked at the desk to the nurses to the doctor), and the service I received was phenomenal. This visit has made my fear/concern of ERs dissipate and I only wish that I could use this facility in lieu of most other health services I routinely receive."

    - T. Chisum

  • Good Customer Service

    "Very good customer service. Not only addressed medical issues, but also socialized and made me feel more important than a number or statistic."

    - J. Scott

  • Best Attitude and Bedside Manner

    "Advance ER on Inwood was absolutely the best ever and I've been to quite a few in my 71 years. They have THE best attitude you could ever imagine and their bedside manner was awesome. Annette, Dr. Allen and Paul were outstanding in their field. Do not go anywhere else."

    - P. Nixon

  • Unlike any place I've ever been to
    Love this place! They also have another location in the Galleria I've been to and had an incredible experience. So good in fact, that when I decided to come here since I was close by I thought for sure they wouldn't be as great, but I was wrong! The staff and services offered at these facilities are fantastic... unlike any place I've ever been to! You can tell they really care about the patient experience. The front desk person was clear that I wouldn't have to pay anything but my copay that day because they didn't know how much I would owe of my other benefits but that I would get a bill and if I needed anything to call their billing people and they would make sure I was happy. I did receive something from the insurance that kind of made me nervous, but when I called the billing department they assured me that insurance just sends something saying how much they were charged, and it doesn't accurately reflect what I owe. Then they told me my actual bill and it was extremely reasonable and they did give me the in-network discounts the facility said they would. They also gave me an additional discount which allowed me to pay the doctor and facility bill off that day! I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend this ER!

    - Rebekah B.

  • Definitely would choose here over the big-name ERs

    Great ER, super nice and friendly staff. I wasn't waiting long in the waiting room, everyone was very attentive. Definitely would choose here over the big-name ERs.

    - Qiana S.

  • Probably one of the best doctor experiences I've ever had

    I just left from their office and my experience was probably one of the best doctor experiences I've ever had. I needed to get something checked out on my leg that had been concerning me and they were able to see me within 10 minutes. The front desk gentlemen were very friendly and polite. The nurses were amazing and Dr. Meier was very caring. The nurse (Jeff?) who took my blood was so friendly and I didn't even feel it when he pricked me. They all took so much time and attention and I felt like they really listened to my concerns. They were very thorough when going over my bloodwork and very clear on what to do next. They even provided the doctor's direct line in case I needed to call in the future with any concerns. I would 100% recommend coming here.

    - Nicole F.

  • Customer service is BEYOND expectations

    Very beautiful ER. The staff's customer service is BEYOND expectations. They made sure I was comfortable the entire time and listened to all my concerns. I absolutely love it here. I've been recommending it to all my friends.

    - Zanbria W.

  • We were seen immediately and waited on hand and foot

    We had the best experience here with Dr. Rao. He and his nurses were thorough, thoughtful, and kind. Had we gone to the actual hospital we would have waited for hours and been miserable while doing it. Here we were seen immediately and waited on hand and foot. They even have snacks and coffee for the non-sick/injured. Can not recommend it highly enough and will definitely go back if needed in the future.

    - A.C.

  • Have time to talk and make sure your treatment is the best
    I am an emergency medicine doctor. I have worked for 20 years in hospital-based emergency centers. Overcrowding, long waits, small curtained rooms, are typical for many bigger ERs. As a doctor in big hospital-based ERs, I never had time to really talk to patients, due to just too many patients and not enough staff. Advance ER and other freestanding emergency departments have got rid of the wait, and they have time to talk and make sure your treatment is the best. Do a little research on your own, before you get sick, so you know where the best place is. Also, most non-hospital-based ERs honor in-network benefits so it is a great deal all the way around. It is always a good idea to know where your closest emergency center is, and cost, etc. Call a few places in your area so you know where you can get the best care for the right price. I have taken my daughter to Advance ER when she cut her face. I love this place, and now they have a plastic surgeon for all kids lacerations and adults.

    - Thomas A.

  • Dr. Allen succeeded my expectations with his bedside manner

    No wait time. Everyone from the front desk to the nurses was extremely great and very attentive. Dr. Allen succeeded my expectations with his bedside manner. Extremely caring and compassionate doctor. I recommend this place to anyone in need of quick ER care.

    - April L.

  • The experience here is much better than a traditional ER

    I hate going to the hospital but needed urgent care and came here after reading the positive reviews. The experience here is much better than a traditional ER. The service is top-notch and they make sure to get to the root cause of your problems. I would definitely recommend them if you live nearby.

    - Rachel G.

  • They treated me like royalty

    I cannot say enough about this amazing ER! They treated me like royalty - nothing at all like any medical place I've ever been to. First, you walk in and it feels like the Ritz Carlton! It's beautiful! Then the person greets you kindly and it begins. I didn't even have to sit down and fill out pages of forms - they took me straight back to a room and made me comfortable (it was a little cold for me and they could tell and immediately brought me a blanket). They began to get my "history" and very thoroughly covered every base communicating with me every step of the way. I never felt rushed or like they were trying to move me through like cattle. Oddly enough, they made being sick pretty darn pleasant! I will not go to any other ER in Dal/FW!

    - Lydia B.

  • Dr. Brian King was the most thorough and personable ER doctor I've ever seen

    The entire team at Advance ER are incredibly kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Brian King was the most thorough and personable ER doctor I've ever seen. I would go there again in a heartbeat if I ever have a need for emergency services again. Amazing team!

    - Tracie H.

  • The best ER experience
    This has been the best ER experience! The staff was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! Dr. Peters, Beverly, and Carlos were so awesome! I would recommend this facility to EVERYONE!

    - Alesha H.

  • I felt like I was heard and acknowledged
    I had a massive asthma attack in the wee morning hours. I chose Advance ER on a whim, but I'm so glad I did. The facility is clean, modern and inviting, and the staff is friendly and caring, from the front desk to the Dr. I was seen and treated immediately and I knew that my health was a priority to the nurses and to Dr. Lee. In particular, nurse Beverly was incredible. She was friendly and kind, patient and instantly calming. She kept me informed through each step, which definitely helped keep me calm and aware of what was happening. Her bright demeanor and light conversation between the medicine made me feel confident and comfortable. Dr. Lee made sure that I was recovered and well versed on medications and other information pertinent to recovery and maintenance. He was very kind and I felt like I was heard and acknowledged, which is so important from your Dr! I will highly recommend Advance ER to anyone needing emergent care. Thanks so much to the staff for making this terrible situation better.

    - Parris M.

  • Fast, efficient and most importantly nice people

    I've had a great experience this morning at Advance ER. Dr. Chiang was absolutely wonderful. He treated me and gave me a breathing treatment. Dr. Chiang was kind with a great bedside manner. I was even offered a cappuccino during the short time I waited for my breathing treatment to begin. They also agreed to submit to my insurance for payment. I'd definitely recommend this place. Fast, efficient and most importantly nice people.

    - Wayne G.

  • If I ever find myself in need again I would not hesitate to visit this facility

    Nobody wants to go to an ER or need medical help. But if I ever find myself in need again I would not hesitate to visit this facility. I had a bad fall and my leg was getting worse. After visiting urgent care, they advised me to go to an ER where an ultrasound could be done. So I went to this ER on Friday afternoon. I was so scared walking in, but I was immediately put at ease. Dr. Chiang has a wonderful bedside manner and is truly a calming presence to an overwrought patient. The nurses were wonderful and they all knew exactly what tests were needed to make sure nothing serious was going on. Most of my questions were answered before I even asked them. Highly recommend this ER and it's wonderful, caring staff.

    - Val L.

  • Advance ER has my vote, that's for sure
    Dr. Chiang, Lauren, Vince, & Diedra were the most pleasant, thoughtful, understanding, and thorough medical staff I have ever encountered. I had abrupt onset of flank (side) pain and my husband called one urgent care center who told us they had a long wait and were soon closing. We then drove to a hospital ER and as I was writhing on the table while they were taking my vitals, I was told I was about the '16th person' in line and couldn't be moved ahead of anyone. Meanwhile, I found myself in a sea of patients with the flu and while I was dealing with 10/10 side pain I was terrified I was also going to catch the flu. Finally, we found Advance ER on google and gave them a call. They told us they had a 'no wait ER' and to come on in. At this point- I was vomiting into a barf bag in the car and couldn't get to Advance ER fast enough. They had me checked in and examined faster than I could blink. Dr. Chiang's bedside manner is UNMATCHED. He consistently offered my family and me water and other refreshments as we waited to find out what was going on. To make an extremely long, agonizing story short...Dr. Chiang quickly diagnosed me with a kidney stone and administered treatment with IV pain meds in a jiffy! He went through the necessary testing to rule in/out other causes of my side pain and his priority was to get my pain under control. Lauren and Diedra were at my side the whole time and they checked in me every few minutes. It couldn't have been a smoother process. My family and I were so impressed. I truly can't thank Advance ER enough for giving me relief from my very first kidney stone! Then to top it off with a follow-up phone call and handwritten thank you card--wow!  Now, I know the billing process is going to be a bit of a headache but I understand they will honor in-network benefits and I'm hopeful they will work with me and my insurance provider, BCBS on that end. On a final note- I received a discharge packet with all my testing/results explained in thorough detail in addition to a copy of my CT imaging so I can follow up with another physician if I choose to. They even gave me a recommendation in case I needed one. Advance ER has my vote, that's for sure. Thank you for everything!

    - Heather H.