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Increased Reliance on Emergency Rooms in the Age of Obamacare

Along with providing healthcare to 20 million new Americans, the Affordable Care Act was supposed to provide relief to overcrowded emergency rooms by making access to non-urgent care providers easier and more affordable.  As we begin to learn the outcomes of living in the era of the Affordable Care Act a surprising result has occurred in the usage of emergency room departments across the country.

An analysis of the 2013 National Health Interview Survey, administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has shown this is not the case.  In the age of Obamacare, Americans who received public insurance now use the emergency room more frequently than before they were insured.

Many of the patients utilizing emergency rooms lack a primary health care provider who offers reliable and stable care.  Patients often site the ER was their “closest provider” or their “usual place” in the survey.  While this is not a new trend, the study encourage emergency rooms and standalone emergency centers to, “evolve into outlets that service a wider range of health care needs rather than function in their current capacity, which is largely to address acute issues in isolation.”

Nestled in the dense residential areas of North Dallas, Advance ER is a standalone emergency center working to relieve the stress on hospital ER departments.  24 hour emergency centers are becoming a popular trend a month the nation in access to medical care whenever it is needed.  These facilities help reduce the number of people relying on ER departments by providing an alternative source for exceptional care.

Like a traditional ER, standalone emergency centers are capable of treating acute medical issues or every day complaints that make you feel miserable. From broken bones to coughs and colds, emergency center doctors are trained to treat any condition presented to them quickly and effectively.

As the number of people in the United States with healthcare increases, they will be empowered with the option to choose their healthcare providers.  For medical symptoms that can’t wait for regular hours, standalone emergency rooms are quickly becoming a new alternative for 24 hour care.