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The Benefits of a Freestanding Emergency Room

When you’re faced with a medical emergency, there’s nothing worse than hurrying to the local hospital emergency room only to sit there and wait for help. Unfortunately, that is usually the case for non-life-threatening conditions.

Hospital ERs have traditionally gotten a bad rap for having extremely long wait times. Because of this, urgent care centers quickly grew in popularity over the last several years. The problem is that many of these centers have also started to experience overcrowding, too. This has resulted in urgent care centers having long wait times just like traditional emergency rooms.

In the past, when you or a loved one needed emergency care, you had to scramble to choose from the lesser of the two evils. That is until now.

Today, freestanding emergency rooms, like Advance ER, are becoming more common. These emergency centers have many benefits that traditional emergency rooms and urgent care centers cannot provide.

No Wait, Faster Service

No one wants to spend their entire day in their local ER. But statistics show the average person waits anywhere from two to six hours at a hospital. This can be agonizing when you or your loved one is experiencing pain. At freestanding emergency rooms, you get fast service without sacrificing the quality of your medical care.

At Advance ER, there is practically no wait time. We take pride in having the shortest wait time when compared to traditional hospital ERs and urgent care facilities. Not to mention, we also have a luxurious waiting room with a hospitality bar that is designed to make you feel a little more comfort during your medical emergency.

Germ-Free Zone

In addition to long wait times, it is uncomfortable to be in an overcrowded hospital ER with patients who may have a contagious condition. At Advance ER, you don’t have to wait with dozens of other people. Our comfortable waiting area is roomy and clean. Within minutes, you will be shown to a private exam room that is free of germs and ready for you.

Open 24/7, 365 Days

Emergency medical situations can happen to anyone. They also can happen at any time and any day. Another great benefit of freestanding ERs is their convenient locations.  Since Advance ER is locally owned and operated, it is located right in your neighborhood in two convenient settings in Park Cities and the Galleria Area.

A grave disadvantage of urgent cares centers is that they usually have a set schedule with no after-clinic hours available. Advance ER is always open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even on holidays. Just another unique benefit of freestanding advanced emergency centers.

ER Physicians and Services

During an emergency, many choose to go to the hospital because they feel they will get better service. However, it is a good idea to compare hospital ERs to freestanding ERs which often have similar expert physicians and services.

In fact, at Advance ER you will only be seen by board-certified physicians that have, on average, over 15 years of experience. You will not be seen by a physician’s assistant or other clinician, which is common in other facilities.  If a specialist is needed, Advance ER offers a unique SPECIALIST NOW℠ service to bring you the right specialist within minutes to consult with you.

At Advance ER, we also have the same imaging equipment available to perform CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds. We even have our own CLA Lab and a fully-stocked pharmacy.  So, whether you need medical care for a high-grade fever or a sports injury, we can help.

We’re Here for You

If you or your loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, visit Advance ER in one of our two convenient Dallas locations. You can count on Advanced ER to be available 24-hours every day to help with stomach pains, chest pains, sports injuries or work traumas.