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When to Go to the ER

At times, it can be difficult to decide when to go to the emergency room. Many people are reluctant to call their health concerns an “emergency” and sometimes, people wait too long to seek medical help when early intervention could have been more beneficial. In North Dallas, your board-certified physicians at Advance ER have some tips to help you know when it is time for emergency assistance.

Here are 7 indicators that it’s time to head to the nearest Advance ER:

  1. You’ve been injured
  2. You’ve lost consciousness at some point
  3. You’re in pain
  4. You can’t stop the bleeding with pressure
  5. You’re experiencing any of the following: chest pain, jaw pain, arm pain, dizziness, heartburn, blurred vision, trouble talking, trouble walking or standing, shortness of breath, sweating or severe headache
  6. Your fever has been over 103° for more than 3 days. For babies: if a fever reaches 102° rectally or 100.4° rectally for infants under 3 months
  7. You’re having trouble breathing

“Deciding when to come to the emergency room can be a tough decision sometimes,” said Advance ER physician Dr. Joseph Meier. “You can always call us at Advance ER and ask about coming in to see a doctor. You’ll probably be told to come on in so we can do a quick evaluation of your condition. If it’s something that can be referred to your general physician, we’ll make that recommendation, but if you’re in pain and your condition is acute, we’ll ready to help you any time, day or night.”

When you arrive at Advance ER, you’ll be shown to a private room within minutes and will be able to fill out your paperwork from the comfort of a bed. A refreshment menu is available if you need to sip on a hot or cold beverage while you wait.

A board-certified physician will examine you and will order any necessary labs or imaging tests to aid in diagnosis. Our fully-equipped lab has the rapid results tests and imaging equipment necessary to get this done quickly and without the inconvenience and discomfort of moving you to another building. Once the diagnosis has been made, your physician will craft a treatment plan that’s right for you.

“One thing I tell my patients is to be very cautious about the ‘wait-and-see’ approach,” said Dr. Meier. “It’s fine if your doctor tells you to wait and see, but if the pain increases and your condition deteriorates, then don’t waste any more time. If you are experiencing chest discomfort it can be a matter of life and death. Come to Advance ER for experienced care. We can even have you consult with a specialist within minutes, if needed.”

At Advance ER, you’ll find the experienced physicians with the range of services that can meet your most acute health concerns any time, 24/7. “It’s fast, top quality health care, right when you need it,” said Dr. Meier. “And we’re all about putting our patients first with our extraordinary concierge service. So you won’t feel like just another number when you walk in the door.”

Advance ER is available in two locations for your convenience:
Advance ER – Galleria Area

12338 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75244

Advance ER – Park Cities

5201 W Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209

Meet Dr. Meier:

Dr. Joseph Meier is board-certified in emergency medicine and he received his medical degree, with honors, from Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN.

He completed his emergency medicine residency at UC Davis, Sacramento, CA, where he pioneered ultrasound protocols and chest pain protocols. Dr. Meier has experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of chronic, acute and sudden-onset conditions.