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Are Common Sports Injuries Normal for ER Doctors?

What’s the hardest part about being a parent?

Having to see your child in pain. Every year, almost 12 million kids end up taking a trip to the emergency room. Frequently, it’s because of common sports injuries.

Imagine one moment you’re watching your kid have the time of their life. When suddenly, BAM, they take a tumble down to the ground. Clutching their leg to their chest, you ask them to tell you where it hurts.

Your mind’s suddenly flowing with questions about what you should do, and where you should go. Not every emergency room is ready to handle sports injuries, especially with children.

Luckily, AER works closely with other Youth Sports experts to provide children with the best healthcare options for sports injuries. Read on to learn more about how you can find the absolute best care for your child.

Common Sports Injuries

Getting boo-boos is a part of growing up. It’s common for kids to get bumps, bruises, and sometimes even little scrapes when playing their favorite game. Yet, sometimes the injuries may be more serious than they seem.

Here’s a quick list of some of the more serious sports-related injuries in children.


Keep in mind that sprains and strains are two different things. Children who play sports frequently will be more prone to sprains from overuse of certain muscles.

Did you know concussions are actually a type of brain injury? Without the right treatment, long term complications can arise. In the worst case scenarios, concussions can even lead to death.

Next, we’ll explain why seeking customized care is essential to a full recovery.

How Advanced ER Makes a Difference

When your child gets hurt, you might want to rush right over to the closest hospital. Yet, going to the wrong location could mean accepting less than perfect care. If you want to have access to the top physicians in your area, you’ll need Advanced ER.

Here are some of the benefits Advanced ER is proud to provide:

Next day follow up

Optimal care for sports injuries

On-call care

Advanced ER, has a team of highly qualified physicians who work together to achieve high standards in healthcare. Their cooperative has specialists, who are standing by on call for consultations regarding special cases (like emergencies).

Types of Pediatric ER Services

Remember, common sports injuries are a part of life. Even with the best safety practices in play, accidents can happen. After an injury, what matters most, is the quality of care you seek.

Advanced ER Physicians is on a mission to give you access to the best specialists available. We’re passionate about making sure the world’s tiniest patients have full access to the best emergency specialists.

Don’t forget, we can also help Mom or Dad if they need to see a doctor too. Our fast track access to adult and pediatric specialists is all done through our state of the art service.

Are you ready to have the best doctors on call for your family? Check out our Specialists Now™ Program, and see how we can help.