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Why a Plastic Surgeon on Demand in an Emergency Is Needed

It is important that active treatment is undertaken in a way which allows the best cosmetic result. We have optimal surgical experience for your child.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 17.5 million surgical and cosmetic procedures occurred in the United States in 2017. This also includes minimally invasive procedures.

With a plastic surgeon on demand in the case of an emergency, you can repair your child's lacerations, facial traumas, and more. That way, repairs occur before the skin can scar.

Here are eight reasons it's beneficial to have a surgeon available for emergency plastic surgery.

1. Scalp Lacerations

A blunt hit to the head can cause a scalp laceration. The can occur when children are in the process of learning how to ride a bike without protective headgear or roughhousing at home.

Here are a number of common sports injuries your child might experience (and need an ER doctor for).

While scalp lacerations don't often get infected, it's still important to recognize one of these wounds when they occur.

If your child has a scalp injury, determine how far the injury delves towards the skull. Check for a galea injury, underlying skull fracture, or any foreign bodies in the wound.

During your inspection, any injuries to the shiny, slippery galea layer of the scalp indicate you require a doctor.

With a plastic surgeon on demand, you can repair these injuries. Otherwise, leaving these injuries unattended could cause a cosmetic deformity.

A scalp laceration can lead to hemorrhage and hemostasis. Apply direct pressure to the injury while you wait to see a doctor.

2. Nasal Trauma

Accidents happen. If your child experiences a nasal trauma from a bad fall or play-fighting that went a little too far, the facial trauma may require a surgeon.

First, cover the cartilage and identify any underlying fractures. It's important to cover any exposed cartilage while you wait to see a surgeon. Otherwise, this could cause chronic chondritis or cosmetic deformities.

The surgeon will assess for a septal hematoma.

These are indicated by a bulging, blue-shaded appearance around the anterior septal area.

Emergency plastic surgery can help your child avoid aesthetic issues as well as respiratory issues. That way, they won't have trouble breathing or obvious displacement caused by the injury.

3. Cheek Lacerations

With a plastic surgeon on demand, you can ensure a professional identifies the full extent of your child's injury.

This includes cheek lacerations. While many adults rely on cheek implants for a more youthful appearance, children may require cheek laceration repair depending on the depth of the injury.

A full thickness injury involves the cheek skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle, and intra-oral mucosa. This type of injury may also involve facial nerve damage. The surgeon will test for the five branches of the facial nerve during an assessment.

With emergency plastic surgery, the surgeon can check for a facial nerve injury before repairing the wound.

4. Facelifts

Facelifts aren't just for adults. Also known as a rhytidectomy, plastic surgery for the face is also used to repair the damage made by cancer-related defects.

For head, neck, and skin cancer patients, a facial plastic surgeon can repair wounds and improve functionality around the surgical site. These reconstructive procedures not only benefit bodily use but appearance as well.

Facelifts are also beneficial for patients who experienced traumatic injuries to the face.

This includes congenital problems such as a cleft lip, palate, or deformed ears.

A facelift can help repair face injuries using precise incisions. That way, the laceration repair and facial sutures remain well hidden, even as your child grows older.

5. Eyelid and Eyebrow Lacerations

Eyelid and eyebrow laceration repairs happen more often than you think. In 2016, there were approximately 209,020 eyelid procedures; a two percent increase from the year before.

An eyelift is also known as blepharoplasty. This procedure lifts and removes sagging skin around the eyes for both the upper and lower lids.

An eyelift can also help your child if they have excessive eyelid skin that causes blocked vision.

Lacerations to the eyelid or eyebrow, however, can leave your child at risk for problems in the future. When these problems aren't diagnosed and tended to, it can cause the child's eye to tear up often over time.

With a plastic surgeon on demand, you can ensure your child avoids cosmetic deformities around the eye or eyebrow.

This can also avoid long term eye trauma and issues that continue into adulthood. Eyelifts can benefit injuries that cause cross-eyes appearances or other issues.

6. Neck Lacerations

With emergency plastic surgery, you can also ensure any incisions around or near your child's throat are immediately closed.

Closing skin wounds essential for avoiding future infection. This type of laceration repair is helpful if your child has recently experienced a cut or animal bite.

7. Scar Revisions

We've mentioned a few different causes of facial trauma and lacerations. If left unattended, these injuries might leave your child with minor facial scars.

A plastic surgeon can make these scars less noticeable. Depending on the location of the scar, this type of surgery is considered either cosmetic or functional. For example, a scar near an eyelid can cause tear duct issues.

Repairing this type of injury can improve both functionality and aesthetics.

8. Nonsurgical Procedures

A plastic surgeon can also help with procedures that don't require surgery.

This can include facial resurfacing, which can repair scarring or precancerous lesions. Dermabrasion is also available, which is used to improve the appearance of acne scarring, injuries, and surgical scarring.

These options (as well as fillers, neuromodulators, injectables, chemical peels, and lasers) are available with a plastic surgeon on demand. With these procedures, you can avoid surgery and choose an alternative option for your child's injuries.

Cut to the Chase: 10 Reasons To Have a Plastic Surgeon on Demand

With these eight reasons to have a plastic surgeon on demand, you can help your child through a number of different injuries. A plastic surgeon will also help conceal any scars, so your child can benefit aesthetically and functionally as well.

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