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Safety Precautions When Traveling During COVID-19

If you have plans to travel this year it’s important to know which precautionary safety tips to take for ensuring your health and overall safety. The risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, (COVID-19) is significantly lower if you are prepared before, during, and after your departure. We ultimately recommend avoiding flying altogether, especially if you are experiencing any symptoms of a cough or cold. In extreme emergencies where a flight may be necessary, here are a few steps you can take to keep you and your family fully safe and protected.

Before Arriving at the Airport

Currently, Texas has no state-wide restrictions for traveling and as more people begin flying across the U.S., the best thing you can do beforehand is to take a coronavirus test. At Advance ER, you can conveniently register online on our website for rapid COVID-19 testing with same-day results.

You can find the registration links for coronavirus testing at both of our Park Cities and Galleria locations below:

If it’s determined you have a positive testing result, canceling your traveling plans is critical for your health, and seeking medical attention as soon as possible will protect you from arising complications. If you have a negative result, bring this certification with you to the airport to ensure you won’t run into any problems or travel restrictions.

Arriving at the Airport

Once you arrive at the airport, we advise you to ensure all necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) is worn and with you at all times, as well as in easy reach. Airports are typically crowded, and individuals can be carriers of COVID-19 without even knowing. This makes groups who are traveling more vulnerable because they are more likely to have a higher risk of developing symptoms.

We recommend following these travel safety tips for extra precautions:

  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose when in contact with public surfaces
  • Keep your mask on at all times
  • Practice social distancing in long lines & boarding and de-boarding the aircraft
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizers

During Your Flight

Due to unexpected delays at airports, the chances of a booked aircraft may be higher. Below are tips on how to avoid unnecessary health risks:

  • Wearing your mask: Along with wearing your mask at all times, when on the aircraft it’s important to wear it properly, covering both your nose and mouth fully. If at any time your mask becomes damp switch it to a fresh one.
  • Limit moving around: Try and use the restroom before your flight to avoid congregating in a line inside the plane where spaces are much tighter.
  • Communicate with airline staff: If you begin to feel sick or run out of PPE during your flight, notify a flight attendant so they can help seek the right care and resources.

Transportation Alternatives for Flying

If you can reach your destination by car or train, try and use these transportation alternatives as they promote a lower risk of getting stuck in long lines or large gatherings of people. If you must, following the above safety tips can help you from contracting infections and other diseases.

If you or a loved one is traveling this new year, reach out to our experts at Advance ER to learn more about how you can stay extra safe. Call (214) 494-8222 now!