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Woman holding stomach in discomfort.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt When I Cough?

Common Causes of Stomach Pain & When to Seek Care

Coughing is an instinctual response of the body that helps to clear the airways. However, it can sometimes lead to uncomfortable sensations like stomach pain. If you've ever wondered why your stomach hurts when you cough, you are not alone. There are several reasons why you might experience this discomfort, and understanding them can help you seek the appropriate treatment.

Overuse and Strain of Stomach Muscles

One of the most common causes of stomach pain when coughing is the overuse and strain of stomach muscles. An intense cough, even from a short-term case of the common cold, can overwork these muscles, leading to soreness. This is also the reason why your abdomen might feel tender after a bout of excessive coughing.


Appendicitis is a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. It is characterized by inflammation of the appendix (the small pouch attached to the large intestine). Pain from appendicitis usually begins around the navel and then moves to the lower right abdomen. If you experience this kind of pain, especially when coughing, it's crucial to seek medical help immediately at your nearest emergency room.

Kidney Stones & Gallstones

Kidney stones are hard deposits made of mineral and salts that form inside your kidneys. Sometimes, these stones can cause severe pain in the back or side, and this discomfort can intensify when coughing.

Gallstones are hardened deposits in the gallbladder that can cause sudden pain in the upper right abdomen or center of the abdomen. This pain can be sharp and may worsen when you cough. If pain becomes unbearable with either of these cases, seek medical care ASAP.

Other Conditions

Other conditions like cystitis, diverticular disease, hernia, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis can also cause stomach pain when coughing. No matter the cause of your stomach pain, it is always a good idea to seek care with a medical professional to address symptoms, receive a diagnosis, and get started on the appropriate course of treatment.

We’re Here to Help You Find Relief

If you are experiencing persistent stomach pain when coughing, it's important to seek medical attention. At Advance ER, we provide a range of services to diagnose and treat various conditions, including the ones mentioned above. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of care in a comfortable and patient-friendly environment.

Don’t hesitate to request care for stomach pain at an Advance ER location today. Contact us at (214) 494-8222 for additional inquiries.