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Knee pain from arthritis

Arthritic Pain & Arctic Weather

The old adage that arthritis sufferers can predict the weather based on their joint pain is true.  Arthritic pain worsens during arctic weather.  Studies have shown a variety of weather factors increase arthritis pain, especially a lowering of temperature or falling barometric pressure their website.

A 2007 Tufts University study found that every 10-degree drop in temperature corresponded with an increase in pain for arthritis sufferers.  They also found that relatively low barometric pressure, low temperatures and precipitation can all increase arthritis join pain.

Researchers suspect this increased pain is caused by atmospheric conditions causing an increase of the swelling in the join capsule.

Attacking Arthritis Symptoms

For those suffering more than usual from their arthritis, a variety of lifestyle and medical treatments are available to sooth their symptoms

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This diet is high in foods that are known for having natural anti-inflammatory properties.  A large number of these foods are included in a Mediterranean diet which stresses consumption of fish, vegetables and olive oil.


For patients with osteoarthritis evidence shows physical activity can help prevent or slow damage and keep joints healthy.  While it may cause concern when you’re in pain, exercise is one of the best non-drug treatments for reducing arthritis symptoms.

Manage Your Weight

Every extra pound you gain puts four times the stress on your knees.  Losing as little as ten ponds has shown to reduce the pressure on joints, reduce the amount of arthritis pain experienced and eases inflammation.

As the weather continues to drift cooler, arthritis pain sufferers will most likely have an increase in symptoms.  By being proactive in attacking arthritis symptoms can help ensure you and your loved ones are as pain-free as possible