We honor all in-network benefits for emergency services according to the Federal No Surprise Act.

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Freestanding ERs find a home in Dallas. A doctor with his arms crossed.

Freestanding ERs Find a Home in Dallas

Freestanding Emergency Centers are a relatively new option for Dallas area families looking for medical care where convenience, quality and service collide.  Pioneering this new option in healthcare, Texas became the first state to permit freestanding emergency rooms in 2010. Since then 160 facilities have emerged primarily in the markets Dallas – Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.

Freestanding ER’s operate independently from hospital emergency room departments and are usually independently owned, for-profit businesses.  Freestanding ER Centers fill the need of higher expectations from insured families who are seeking major and minor emergency care.

Unique Differences of Freestanding ER’s

Shorter Wait Times

One component to the success of Freestanding ER’s is their ability to provide extremely short waiting times.

These shorter waiting times are partially due to Freestanding Emergency Rooms not being recognized by government insurance programs.

Hospital Emergency Departments still face volume issues with Medicare and Medicaid patients that Freestanding Emergency Centers do not experience.

Competitive Pricing

Many insurance companies have been hesitant to creating in-network relationships with Freestanding Emergency Centers.

To overcome this obstacle, Advance ER and other Freestanding Emergency Centers choose to honor in-network benefits despite any formal agreement.

The goal of these billing arrangements are to offer Dallas families the highest level of care possible at the most affordable price.

Due to their popularity, healthcare plan providers are beginning to create formal in-network relationships with Texas Freestanding ER’s.  Brad Shields, executive director of the Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers believes this indicates, “you’ve got both sides of the table recognizing the level of care and the quality of care that’s being provided.”

Convenient Location

The rising popularity of the Freestanding Emergency Center concept for Dallas and other areas of Texas is also linked to their convenient locations.

Usually situated near busy retail and residential areas, Freestanding Emergency Center’s smaller footprint allows them to be built closer to neighborhoods and homes.

The ability to bring all the services of a hospital Emergency Department into Dallas neighborhoods is changing who local families turn to for major and minor emergency medical care.

While still relatively new, Freestanding Emergency Centers are providing Texas families with a higher level of medical care in a whole new way.