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Doctor holding patient's wrapped ankle

What You Need to Know About Sprains

“It was the silliest thing,” said a recent Advance ER patient, “I stepped off the sidewalk and rolled my ankle.” It doesn’t take much sometimes to sprain an ankle, jam a finger, sprain an elbow, or strain your wrist, and it can really hurt.

Ow! Why does this hurt so badly?

“Sprains are often as painful as fractures,” said Advance ER physician Dr. Michael Chiang. “It is a good idea to have a physician examine you and start immediate treatment to hopefully speed your healing.”

Do I need to go to the ER?

When you get a sprain, you may wonder whether or not you should see a doctor or just tough it out at home. When in doubt, you can always call Advance ER to talk to a physician. It is recommended that you receive medical treatment immediately to ensure it is just a sprain and doesn’t include further damage. Also, fast treatment may reduce the amount of trauma the tissue experiences.

“Taking an image of the impacted area can help us determine how extensive the damage is,” said Dr. Chiang. “If a ligament is damaged or a tendon is torn, the patient may need reconstructive surgery on down the road. Having an initial image on record is beneficial if additional treatment is necessary.”

Hurry up and wait.

When you have a sprain or an injury, one of the worst experiences is sitting in the waiting room for hours and watching your ankle swell and turn interesting colors as you try to find a comfortable position to rest it and hope your name is called…someday.

Advance ER’s board-certified physicians have the appropriate treatment for sprains and can see you fast—within minutes of your arrival. This revolutionary No Wait healthcare makes those painful hours spent in other waiting rooms a dim, unpleasant memory. In addition, our concierge services include a refreshment menu to make your visit even more satisfying.

We’ve got it all—24/7.

It’s never a convenient time when you are injured, but at least it is comforting to know that Advance ER has an experienced, board-certified physician standing by 24/7, even on holidays. Our range of services includes the imaging equipment and the pharmaceuticals needed to treat your sprain quickly.

“The patient pharmacy at Advance ER has the equipment needed to immediately wrap and support your injury,” said Dr. Chiang. “We have all the healthcare services you need when you receive a sprain or an injury.”

If the sprain is complicated and requires a specialist, we can provide an orthopedic surgeon consultation with our ground-breaking SPECIALIST NOWSM services. “Having a specialist available right when you need him is an incredible benefit found at Advance ER. We have pioneered a brand of emergency health services that have been unheard of up until now, and we did it all for our patients.”

Meet Dr. Chiang:

Michael Chiang, M.D., is the Managing Partner and Director of SPECIALIST NOW at Advance ER.

Dr. Chiang graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine, and completed his residency from UCLA. He is board-certified and a member of the American College of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Chiang has been practicing emergency medicine for two decades and sees patients of all ages for emergency health care.

He previously served as the Chief of Emergency Medicine at the nationally renowned The Heart Hospital at Baylor Plano.