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Dirty House, Healthy Kids?

A new study shows using bleach as a disinfectant in the home may increase childhood illnesses as reported by Linda Carroll in TODAY.

The article titled, “Cleaning with Bleach at home linked to some childhood illnesses” explains, “After surveying the parents of more than 9,000 children from three European countries researchers saw a modest 20% increase in influenza, a 35% increase in tonsillitis and an 18% increase in any kind of infection”.

The researches developed a theory that irritating compounds released into the air by bleach causes inflammation and more susceptibility to infections. The study shows an association but more research is needed to show proof.

Carrol adds, “The findings don’t imply people shouldn’t use bleach, but researcher Casas believes frequent use of disinfecting cleaning products is caused by ‘the erroneous belief, reinforced by advertising, that our homes should be free of microbes.’