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Dallas Schools & Immunizations

It’s back to school soon for kids in the Dallas Metroplex. Now is the time to make sure your child is up to date with their immunizations for Dallas schools.  Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to attend school.

Immunizations are important for the community and the state of Texas requires that schools make sure their students are vaccinated.  You may think that your child has all the immunizations, but the requirements change with age.

For example, Dallas ISD requires that all 7 – 12 grades be vaccinated against meningococcus, the organism that causes meningitis.  Requirements can also change and now Dallas ISD students must have 2 vaccinations for Hepatitis A.

Immunizations can be a pain, both literally (the shot) and figuratively (scheduling the time to visit your doctor), but they are important.  The effects of illness caused by measles, meningococcus and other infectious organisms are far greater than the minor inconvenience of immunization.  For instance, the ravages of polio are a thing of the past thanks to aggressive vaccination.

See your doctor soon and make sure your child is up to date.  The schools require it and immunization makes good sense.  Check out the Dallas ISD Immunizations requirements on the district’s website.