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Feet running on a treadmill

The Vicious Side of Treadmills: Thousands of ER Visits Each Year

In a USA Today article written by Aamer Madhani, Treadmill injuries send thousands to the ER every year, Madhani explains unexpected risks of home exercise machines.

“Serious injuries involving exercise equipment, treadmills in particular, are among the most common that emergency rooms see, according to data collected by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A spokesman for the agency said that the most recent data was not available on Monday, because the agency was dealing with technical problems with their injury surveillance system.

Almost 460,000 people were sent to the hospital in 2012 for injuries related to exercise equipment, according to the agency’s data. The vast majority—nearly 428,000 were treated and released for their injuries—but about 32,000 were hospitalized or were dead on arrival.

About 19,000 people went to the emergency room from treadmill related injuries in 2009, including almost 6,000 children, according to news reports citing the agency’s data.

Injuries included broken bones, abrasions, rectal bleeding and people developing chest pain while working out on the machines, according to a review of the CPSC data base system.”

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