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Chest Pain

The Causes of Chest Pain

Chest pain is a broad term used to reference a variety of sensations between the neck and abdomen that cause pain and discomfort in your chest region. Multiple factors can cause chest pain which means it’s critical to know when you should be seeking medical help to reduce your risks of a more serious medical issue. If you think that your experience might be life-threatening, don’t wait to let it go untreated, as these symptoms might pass, or they may worsen and cause severe health complications.

Common Conditions of Chest Pain

The most common condition of chest pain generally comes from a heart attack, but there are several sources of chest pain such as the digestive system, muscles, and lungs.

A few other common conditions of chest pains to look out for include:

  • Gallstones: issues with your gallbladder may result in pulsating pain into the chest and may often feel worse after a very fatty meal.
  • Tear in muscle:if you’re an athlete or a generally active person involved in high-intensity training, you are at a higher risk of pulling your muscles when lifting large amounts of weight and indulging in strenuous exercise.
  • Angina: poor circulation or restricted blood flow that is usually the result of plaque which builds up and narrows the arteries
  • Heartburn: A burning sensation that is experienced when acid from the stomach goes into the esophagus.
  • Costochondritis: An inflammation of the cartilage tissue that is located in between the rib bones
  • Pulmonary Embolism: A blood clot in the pulmonary artery, which restricts the blood flow to lung tissue
  • Panic Attack: A state in which intensive fear or anxiety can cause a person to experience chest pain, rapid breathing, nausea, etc.

Emergency Chest Care at an ER Near You in Dallas

If you are having difficulties breathing and suspect you may need medical attention for pain in your chest, Advance ER is here for you at our two conveniently located locations for 24/7 hour care with an average of little to zero patient wait times!


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