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Doctor consulting with a mother and her daughter about treatment.

KidKutsMD: Urgent Care for Cuts and Scars

On-Call Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Advance ER is proud to partner with KidKutsMD, a collaboration designed to provide rapid, compassionate, and specialized care for children who have sustained cuts, bruises, or any facial injuries. By offering on-call pediatric plastic surgery options, we are able to ensure that young patients receive the best possible outcomes with minimal scarring.

KidKutsMD, a concierge plastic surgery service specializing in the care of infants and children, is known for prompt and gentle care, bringing board-certified plastic surgeons directly to the patients who need them the most. This allows parents to bypass the long waits and generalist approaches often found in traditional ER settings and consult directly with a specialist.

The Benefits of Concierge Plastic Surgery

The concept of concierge plastic surgery, especially in an emergency context, is revolutionary. It prioritizes the patient's needs, offering a tailored approach that addresses the unique challenges of pediatric facial injuries. Families no longer have to navigate the uncertainty of general ER visits, where specialists may not be immediately available. Instead, they have direct access to KidKutsMD's concierge service through Advance ER, so their child can receive the best possible care without delay.

  • Rapid Response: With KidKutsMD's surgeons on call, children receive immediate care, reducing the risk of complications and improving outcomes.
  • Compassionate Care: Understanding the stress and anxiety that come with a child's injury, both Advance ER and KidKutsMD provide a compassionate environment that strives to ease the worries of both the child and their family.
  • Expertise in Pediatric Plastic Surgery: The specialized focus on pediatric plastic surgery means that children are in the hands of experts who understand the intricacies of treating young patients.

Convenient Care When It’s Needed Most

This partnership between Advance ER and KidKutsMD is more than just a collaboration; it's a commitment to the well-being of the youngest members of our community. By combining the emergency care expertise of Advance ER with the specialized skills of KidKutsMD's plastic surgeons, Dallas families can rest assured that their children are in the best hands during what can be a very stressful time. Together, we are not just treating injuries; we are safeguarding the futures of our youngest patients.

For more information about this unique service and how it can benefit your family, visit an Advance ER location or contact us at (214) 494-8222 today.