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Summertime and Casts

Taking Care of Your Cast This Summer

If you took a tumble, broke a bone, and are stuck in a cast all season, you may be thinking all your fun summer plans are over. However, the Advance ER team is here to tell you that not all is lost! There are ways you can still get out and enjoy the summer while protecting your cast.

Keeping Your Cast Dry

Your doctor probably warned you to keep your cast safe from water. This can be tricky during the summer, but isn't impossible! If you're spending time by the pool, or need to take a shower, here are a few ways you can protect your cast:

  • Order a custom waterproof cast guard
  • Wrap the cast in cling-wrap
  • Cover the cast with a plastic bag

These items will only protect your cast from the occasional splash or spray, so be sure to never submerge your cast in water. Overall, be cautious around water and your cast will stay dry and clean.

Avoiding Smells

If you're not careful, your cast can quickly become sweaty, gross, and smelly. Keeping your cast dry will go a long way in keeping it from developing these smells.

When outside, try to stay in the shade and avoid participating in sports. If you do begin to sweat, use a towel to wipe away the beads before they drip down into your cast.

If your cast does begin to smell, sprinkle baking soda on the outer parts of the cast and rub it in. This will help absorb moisture and eliminate odors. You can try the same tactic with a dryer sheet!

We know it can be frustrating to follow these tips while everyone else is enjoying your favorite summer activities, but just remember that your cast is there to help your body heal. Soon enough, you'll be good as new and ready to jump in on the fun!

If you fall and break a bone this summer, make sure to visit the team at Advance ER for quick and easy treatment! Contact us today.